The theme of the VAIS 2019 Leading Learning Conference is Making Space and will focus on what educators do to grow, innovate, challenge students and themselves. This year’s Innovation in Education Awards will look for educators who are innovative in prioritizing students' social-emotional growth; addressing teacher-driven professional development; growing areas of diversity, inclusion, and equity; mastering PBL or other areas of learning/competency; finding calm in the whirlwind of modern life; reimagining learning time; or even, reconfiguring virtual or physical learning spaces. This award is open to VAIS educators only. An educator can self-nominate, or a change this year!  An educator can be nominated!  Email any questions to Kim

This application needs to be completed no later than June 15



To apply for the 2019 Innovation in Education Award, click HERE for the application. This program is open to VAIS educators only. A change for this year:  individuals may self-nominate or be nominated.

All 2019 awards will be announced at the VAIS Leading Learning Conference on Monday, November 4, 2019 in Richmond.


The awards are as follows:

One (1) Award for a VAIS Upper School Educator

One (1) Award for a VAIS Middle School Educator

One (1) Award for a VAIS Lower School Educator


Any questions, please contact Kim Failon at


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