The Innovation In Education awards will highlight educators who are building those bridges and inspiring students, teachers, administrators and/or community members to connect anew. Community is essential to education--we learn from one other, we cheer each other on toward success, and we thrive by including others. 

Some potential themes that might resonate with an innovative educator, but are not limited to:

  • Inclusion, in the classroom, school or curricula
  • Innovative technologies connecting students locally and internationally
  • Community-building in the classroom, the school and beyond
  • Essential skills for future learners in a connected society
  • Mentoring programs for new teachers and/or younger students
  • Idea-sharing among educators and administrators
  • Leveraging community resources, tangible and intangible



To apply for the 2019 Innovation in Education Award, look for the process to open in Spring 2019. An essay (of 750 words or less) will be used to determine the winners of the awards and those entering must have the support of the current head of school. This program is open to VAIS educators only.

All 2019 awards will be announced at the VAIS Leading Learning Conference on Monday, November 4, 2019 in Richmond.


The awards are as follows:

One (1) Award for a VAIS Upper School Educator

One (1) Award for a VAIS Middle School Educator

One (1) Award for a VAIS Lower School Educator


Any questions, please contact Kim Failon at


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