A School's Capacity to Evolve and Grow Starts with its Leadership

The VAIS BoardWORKS program takes an innovative approach to building knowledge and trust between your Head of School and Board members. The seven components of this comprehensive leadership development program build on one another to create and sustain a high-functioning Board that is well equipped to collaborate effectively with the Head of School. Like gears working together to create forward momentum, the Board and Head of School will gain the skills through BoardWORKS to set and achieve strategic goals for the future.

Offerings include:
  • Gearing Up: Best practices in governance through the VAIS accreditation lens
  • Geared for Success: Effective board composition, committees, meetings, responsibilities, and evaluations
  • Working in Sync: Partnership between the Head and Board focusing on goal-setting, communication, and evaluation
  • Geared for the Future: Strategic design and direction for the school's ongoing success
  • Shifting Gears: Smooth transitions in leadership through communication, transparency, and change management
  • 20/20 Board Evaluation Survey: 20 questions in 20 minutes to identify Board's opportunities for improvement
  • TrusteeLAB: Pre-recorded webinars with accompanying case studies for Board education
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