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Interim Accreditation Workshop

Date: 1/14/2019    Start Time: 10:00 AM    End Time: 2:00 PM    Location: Saint Gertrude High School

If your school is planning for an Interim Accreditation Visit in the next two years, this workshop will provide an overview of expectations, as well as direction for your specific accreditation path. The Interim Self-Study and Visit provide a valuable opportunity to reflect on progress made since the Initial or Ten Year Visit and to establish a forward-thinking vision for next steps. During the Interim Accreditation Workshop, your school representatives will:

  • Explore the Eleven Standards

  • Participate in Case Studies and Activities

  • Learn about the Self-Study Process

  • Understand the Report Format as an Opportunity

  • Establish the Visit Timeline

  • Plan for the Curriculum and Documentation Review

  • Discuss Visiting Team Hospitality

Attendance at an evaluation workshop is required one to two years prior to the VAIS Visit.

Please plan to bring a laptop and your own Google account information if you are not a Google Apps for Education School.


Saint Gertrude High School
3215 Stuart Avenue
Richmond, VA 23221

Monday, January 14

10:00 AM Program Begins, 2:00 PM Program Concludes


Fee includes program, materials and lunch.

VAIS Member:          $100 per person


Registration deadline is Friday, January 4. No refunds after that date. Please see the complete VAIS cancellation policy under the Programs and Events tab.

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