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Fork Union Military Academy
School Name:
Fork Union Military Academy
Street Address:
4744 James Madison Highway
Fork Union, VA 23055
David L. Coggins, USMC (Ret)
Founding Date:
Religious Affiliation:
Full Accreditation
Day / Boarding:
Day & Boys Boarding
Boys Only
Grade Levels:
Enrollment Size:
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Admissions Contact:
Mr. Tripp Billingsley
Admissions Email:
3/13/2019 9:59:00 AM Religious Denomination School
Mission / Philosophy / Objectives:

Fork Union Military Academy is one of the leading US college preparatory boarding military schools for boys in grades 7-12 and postgraduate located in Fork Union, Virginia, right in the heart of central Virginia. We offer high quality academics and athletics within a structure built around character development, self-discipline, responsibility, leadership development, and Christian values.

Our mission is to educate, develop, and inspire young men in a college preparatory, Christian, military environment.  Cadets build character, and learn leadership, independence, confidence, responsibility, and discipline in a setting that encourages mental, physical, and spiritual growth.


School Fast Facts:
  • Our campus of over 1,300 acres is located in rural central Virginia, offering a true sanctuary for learning away from the noise and stress of the city.
  • Each year, on average, we welcome young men from over 30 states across the USA, and more than 10 countries around the globe.
  • 100% of our seniors earn college admission
  • In the past 5 years alone we have helped 14 students earn appointments to our nation's service academies such as West Point and Annapolis.
  • We offer academically challenging courses including Honors classes, Advanced Placement classes, and Dual Enrollment classes in which students can also earn college credit.
  • We offer more than 20 interscholastic athletic teams and have a long history of helping student athletes continue on to college and even professional sports careers.


We are a boarding school (with local day students).

The campus of Fork Union Military Academy provides a sanctuary from so many of the stresses of and pressures that confront young men today.

Located on more than 1,300 acres in rural central Virginia, the Academy is a beautiful and peaceful place, far from the noise and commotion of the city, the aimless adolescent wandering of the suburban shopping malls, and the powerful peer pressures of popular culture.


We are a college prep school.

Most young men come to Fork Union Military Academy in search of a place where they can perform up to their full potential— a place where they can excel in both the classroom and the athletic field. These students find what young men have been seeking here since 1898: a challenging educational experience in a safe, structured environment where distractions are few and where every aspect of student life encourages academic achievement and personal growth.

Our unique curriculum schedule, known as the One Subject Plan, has been in use for many decades. In addition to the course material, thousands of young men have experienced the absolute value of mastering the subject material they set out to learn. Studying one subject at a time is a unique experience that is intended to sharpen a young man’s focus and improve his ability to concentrate.


We are a Christian school.

Fork Union Military Academy was founded in 1898 by Dr. William Hatcher, a prominent Baptist minister. Christian values and biblical principles continue to undergird the entire program of Fork Union Military Academy.

Our cadets are expected to conduct themselves with kindness and respect. This expectation is reinforced and clarified in the chapel services and student assemblies held during the week and on Sunday mornings.

Our goal is to provide young men a framework within which they may apply themselves toward achieving their academic potential while growing as men of character and integrity.

While the Academy is proud of our affiliation with the Baptist General Association of Virginia, our student body reflects the broad diversity of religious belief found in our world.

  • About 20% of our cadets are Baptist;
  • another 20% are Catholic;
  • approximately 20% are of another Christian denomination;
  • nearly 20% are of another religious faith such as Jewish, Buddhist, or Muslim;
  • and about 20% do not specify any religious affiliation.


We are a military school.

The goal of the military system at Fork Union Military Academy is not to turn young men into soldiers. Indeed, we have no affiliation with any branch of the armed forces. Rather, our goal is simply to use the best aspects of the military system to teach young men the value of being responsible for their actions, of doing on their own the work that needs to be done, and of working with others toward a common purpose.

We have identified a set of broadly agreed upon positive military courtesies, such as...

  • respect for authority
  • punctuality
  • self-discipline
  • accountability
  • personal and corporate hygiene

...and we have superimposed these values on our living and learning environment—in the classroom, the locker room, the dining room, and the dorm room.

At Fork Union Military Academy, our cadets are expected to tuck in their shirts, to say “Yes, sir” and “No, ma’am”, to stand when a lady enters, and to open doors for others. Our cadets learn to look others in the eye, address others with respect, and speak with confidence. Our cadets are taught to “sweep in the corners”—that is, they are expected to pay attention to detail, to be accountable for their actions, and to set high standards for themselves and others.

Our environment of structure and discipline helps to limit distractions and encourage students to focus on achievement in academics, athletics, and personal growth.


We are a boys school.

While the daily schedule is both full and focused on academic achievement, there is time set aside specifically for athletics, arts, fellowship, and recreation. For example:

  • A wide variety of clubs are organized each year helping cadets pursue special interests. Such clubs have included debate, chess, fishing, SCUBA, woodworking, international cultures, and much more.
  • Cadets can develop their musical abilities by playing in the award-winning FUMA Marching Band, the FUMA Bagpipes, or by singing in the choir.
  • Intramural and club-sponsored sports may include competition in flag football, racketball, tennis, table tennis, softball, volleyball, basketball, golf, swimming, weightlifting, and more.
  • Those with an interest in drama and theatre can take to the stage or work behind the scenes in the Drama club.
  • Several Christian fellowship organizations and Bible study groups meet regularly.
  • The Community Service Organization is active in helping others in need.
  • Off-campus trips occur periodically throughout the year, including field trips to historic locations, ski trips to Virginia’s mountain slopes, as well as concerts and special events.


We are a championship school.

Fork Union Military Academy has achieved a national reputation in athletics, usually sending thirty to sixty athletes from our high school and postgraduate teams to NCAA Division I college programs on athletic scholarships each year.

There is a longstanding tradition of excellence in the athletic programs of Fork Union Military Academy:

  • 5 Olympians
  • 2 Heisman Trophy Winners
  • 12 NFL First-Round Draft Picks
  • More than 100 NFL football players
  • At least 6 NBA basketball players
  • Dozens of professional baseball players
  • Multiple track & field National Champions
  • Over a dozen Swimming & Diving Champions

Few other schools can match the length, depth, and breadth of Fork Union Military Academy’s athletics program.


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