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Grymes Memorial School
School Name:
Grymes Memorial School
Street Address:
13775 Spicer's Mill Road
Orange, VA 22960
Head of School:
Mr. Jonathan D. Brand
Founding Date:
Religious Affiliation:
Full Accreditation
Day / Boarding:
Day Only
Grade Levels:
Enrollment Size:
Social Media:
Admissions Contact:
Mrs. Angie Olds
Admissions Email:
6/22/2015 5:20:04 PM P.O. Box 1160 13775 Spicer's Mill Road
Orange, VA 22960

County: VA
Country: United States Nondenominational School
Mission / Philosophy / Objectives:

Grymes Memorial School, a coeducational day school founded in 1947, instills in students an enthusiasm for learning. The school provides a strong academic foundation 
and encourages thinking that is creative, reasoned and analytical. The social, physical and artistic growth of each student is emphasized in an atmosphere of respect, fairness and honesty. The school community supports the development of essential skills in small classes that provide a safe environment for students to take risks and have pride in their accomplishments.



The school recognizes the qualities, character and talents of each student and seeks to create an environment in which to meet those needs. The goals are to provide a strong academic foundation, which prepares students for success in secondary school and beyond. In addition, the faculty is committed to the development of strong moral, spiritual, and physical growth, which will sustain our students for the rest of their lives. The development of students' character in a community of trust, honesty, and respect is essential to the intellectual development of the Grymes Memorial School program.

To promote intellectual growth we:

  • maintain small classes
  • strike a balance between traditional skills and an enriched curriculum
  • · nurture creativity
  • recognize differing learning styles
  • foster cooperative learning
  • make effective use of regional cultural resources
To promote honor, character and social growth we:
  • foster student self esteem and leadership opportunities
  • develop student responsibility and consistent standards of behavior
  • encourage students to take risks and to learn from their failures and successes
  • develop student trust, courtesy, sensitivity and a respect for the rights and beliefs of others through competition, teamwork and fair play
  • respect student differences in race, gender and learning styles

 The School’s statement of educational philosophy and mission is published in the faculty and parent/student handbooks, posted in individual classrooms and printed in various marketing materials.  The mission statement is an evolving document that has been revised over the years to reflect changing educational theories and practices.

Guiding Principles

            To implement our mission statement, objectives covering the academic and affective domains are part of our daily program. To promote intellectual growth:

  • Small classrooms are maintained with a cap of 16 to 18 students, 22 in 7th and 8th . This results in a 6:1 student teacher ratio. To meet the needs of students in the upper school, math and language arts classes are divided into two smaller groups.
  • A balance is maintained between a skills-based and an enriched curriculum. Math facts (4 basic operations) are taught and students learn to apply them in everyday situations. Phonetic awareness, vocabulary, grammar and spelling are structured. Creative writing opens the door for enrichment. Reading is supported through a wide variety of trade books and a basal reader.
  • Creativity for all students is nurtured through classroom activities. In addition, Spanish, art, music, creative writing and drama are additional creative outlets.
  • Students perform at school and in the community (Farm Tour, Constitution Day, Flag Day). For Declamation Day, all students recite a poem during assembly. Many classes present a full play each year and the 8th gradeparticipates in the Folger’s Shakespeare Festival in Washington DC.
  • Teachers recognize different learning styles. At least two different modes of teaching are used to present information (visual, auditory, kinesthetic). There are many hands-on learning opportunities. Academic support and enrichment is an additional service offered for students. In the early grades, students are observed for developmental delays or advances. Further evaluation is undertaken if necessary.
  • Cooperative learning is fostered through peer teaching, learning centers, workstations, and by offering opportunities for small group work.
  • The location of Grymes Memorial School is advantageous. Field trips to Washington, DC, Richmond, and Charlottesville are easy day trips. Appropriate cultural and regional events are worked into the school calendar as they arise. Locally, rich resources abound. Montpelier, Monticello, The Arts Center in Orange, The James Madison Museum and Woodberry Forest School offer many opportunities for students. Local experts from the USDA Natural Resources & Conservation Services, the Culpeper Soil and Water Conservation District, local banks and businesses are all willing to lend support through professional development for teachers or providing guest speakers and/or field trips.

 In the affective domain, Grymes Memorial School promotes student honor, character, physical and social growth.

  • Student self-esteem and leadership opportunities are important. Students may serve on the Student Leadership Council and on the athletic field. The 8th graders lead morning assemblies. Students are acknowledged through Honor Roll, Award Programs and birthdays.
  • Responsibilities and consistent standards of behavior are listed in the parent-student handbook. Students abide by the dress code and honor code, and they respect personal and school property.
  • Students are encouraged to take risks and learn through successes and failures. Sportsmanship and development of good study habits help students achieve on the field and in the classroom.
School Fast Facts:


Approximately 160 girls and boys in junior kindergarten through eighth grade from Orange, Madison, Culpeper, Louisa, Greene, Spotyslvania Counties, and the City of Fredericksburg.


The student-teacher ratio is 6:1. Addressing each student as an individual is a fundamental precept of the GMS program.


35 faculty members and administrators

30% hold advanced degrees


Transportation is provided from central locations at no additional charge.

Tuition Assistance

Tuition Assistance is available to all students in kindergarten through grade eight. One-third of our families receive need-based tuition assistance.

Foreign Language

Spanish is taught to all grades, junior kindergarten through sixth. Seventh and eighth graders are offered conversational Spanish or they may choose Spanish for high school academic credit.


Computers are provided in each classroom. The computer lab is equipped with 14 units. Beginning in kindergarten, students go to the computer lab for instruction. Three laptop carts are available for classroom use. Seventh and eighth grade students are assigned individual iPads. Classrooms are equipped with Smart boards.

Extracurricular Activities

Student Leadership Council - Honor, Social, Community Service, and School Spirit
Lower and Upper School Literary Magazines
Field Trips
After school: Engineering Club, Garden Club

Special Programs

Field Day, Partner Program, Adopt-a-Grandparent, Community Outreach, Overnight field trips for seventh and eighth graders at Sheridan School Mountain Campus or Triple C in Charlottesville, Chesapeake Bay trip, class plays, Folgers Shakespeare Festival


Physical Education classes for kindergarten through eighth grades.
Middle School Interscholastic Sports: (preference given to 7th and 8th graders)
Fall boys soccer, girls field hockey, cross-country
Winter boys basketball, girls basketball, Squash Club
Spring girls soccer, boys lacrosse, Tennis Club

Open House Dates:
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