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Seven Hills School
School Name:
Seven Hills School
Street Address:
1311 Overbrook Road
Richmond, VA 23220
Head of School:
Mr. Dagan Rowe
Founding Date:
Religious Affiliation:
Full Accreditation
Day / Boarding:
Day Only
Boys Only
Grade Levels:
Enrollment Size:
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Admissions Contact:
Mr. Drew Lineberger
Admissions Email:
12/3/2019 9:03:00 AM Nondenominational School
Mission / Philosophy / Objectives:

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In 2001, a small group of parents came together with a shared vision of creating a school that celebrates and cultivates the energy young adolescent boys bring to a learning environment – and Seven Hills School was born.

As our founders envisioned, Seven Hills has become a community designed for and built around boys. Instruction here is guided by the most respected research in the field, with the objective of inspiring the hearts and minds of boys in their middle years. Boys have different academic and social needs than girls at this age. By acknowledging this reality, Seven Hills has developed a relevant learning experience tailored to the unique characteristics of middle school-age boys. Our curriculum and methodologies foster creative and critical thinking through problem solving, collaborative projects, outdoor learning, and hands-on experimentation.


Seven Hills School cultivates a keen intellect and emotional strength in middle-school boys.  We emphasize hands-on learning, critical thinking, and guided exploration.  By design, we are different.

Based on Research about Boys in Middle School

Researchers have consistently and conclusively demonstrated that boys develop critical thinking and collaborative learning skills most effectively in learning environments that include opportunities for movement and full sensory instruction. Boys also need a safe, supportive environment in which to explore their emerging identities.

Seven Hills is a model school on the leading edge of a national movement to change the conventional approach to teaching boys. The traditional approach often legislates against the very aspects of a boy’s development that Seven Hills embraces as pivotal to successful instruction. The Seven Hills faculty teaches with the boy in mind and actively explores enhanced learning for boys in these middle school years.

School and Class Size

Seven Hills is committed to a small class size with a maximum of 14 students per class. In recent years, the school’s enrollment has been about 70-80 boys. The small size of the school fosters a tight-knit community in which each boy benefits from the attention of the entire faculty. Our smaller class sizes allow boys to learn at their own pace and receive more small group and one-on-one instruction. Our design is to have a single Bridge class, and two classes each in grades six through eight.

Preparation for High School

The Director of Admissions and Head of School at Seven Hills work closely with our eighth graders and their families to advise and support them during the high school application and selection processes.

Seven Hills students are regularly accepted to, and excel at, many prestigious high schools including Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School for Government and International Studies, Appomattox Regional Governor’s School for the Arts and Technology, numerous Specialty Centers in the counties of Chesterfield and Henrico, Open High School and Community High School in Richmond City, regional International Baccalaureate (IB) schools, as well as the region's top private day and boarding high schools. Helping boys find their best high school option, often an academically rigorous one, is core to the Seven Hills mission.

School Fast Facts:

Who We Are

  • Seven Hills School was established as an all-boys middle school in 2001
  • We are located in Richmond’s Northside not far from Virginia Union University and VCU
  • The school’s renovated buildings were built in 1927 and are listed on the National Register of Historic Places
  • Our grades include 5th through 8th grades
  • We refer to our fifth grade, or pre-sixth grade as “Bridge”
  • Sixth through eighth grades typically have two classes each
  • Our class sizes do not exceed 16 students, and are usually smaller
  • The size of the student body at Seven Hills is typically between 70 and 80 students
  • Students come to Seven Hills from across the Greater Richmond metropolitan area
  • Both private and public school students enroll at Seven Hills
  • Graduates of Seven Hills School are regularly accepted to, and excel at many of the region’s most prestigious public and private high schools
  • In addition to core classes in science, math, history and language arts, our curriculum includes classes in critical thinking, Future Problem Solving, Chinese, Latin, Spanish, study skills, art and physical education
  • More than 20% of our curriculum is "experiential learning" designed to engage middle school boys by connecting their classroom experience with the world around them in a hands-on learning environment
  • Students also have the opportunity to participate in filmmaking, photography, architecture, wood shop, journalism, and more
  • Many of our students participate in Seven Hills sports teams and game clubs
  • All students spend one day each month doing special coursework and community service at the James River
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