Value of Accreditation

"I was so impressed with the experience and professionalism displayed by this team. It was an honor to be with you. I am excited to get back to our school and think about some of our discussions together. I also know that the School is a better place because of your great work on its behalf." ~ Visiting Team Chair

"I came back to school yesterday morning with a sense of energy I hadn't felt in years. This was due in large part to the opportunity I had to work with such a special group of teachers. I am particularly grateful to the entire school community for making us feel as if we were members of their family."

 ~ Visiting Team Member

"Since the traditional exit of the Visiting Team did not afford the opportunity for me to speak with you before you left, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all collectively for your time and effort over the past four days (and for the time leading up to the visit).  I know the challenge of leaving your own school community for three days - school life does not come to a halt simply because you are not there.  The thoughtfulness and professionalism with which you all approached the visit was clear throughout your time on campus.  Your questions and observations during the task force meetings were both insightful and thought-provoking.  Our school was well-served in having such a strong committee on campus to finish the self-study process, and it was enjoyable watching you work." ~ Steering Committee Chair

"It was a terrific few days together visiting such an impressive school.  I was delighted to be included, and so grateful to have had such a positive experience on my first accreditation visit.  Thank you to the steering committee for doing such a wonderful job sharing your special school with us." -- Visiting Team Member

"Folks, I have just returned and before I get involved in my daily work, please know that the last four days were invigorating for me. You are a remarkable group of wise and forward-thinking educators. It was a treat to work with you." ~ Visiting Team Member


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