Welcome to VAIS.

Serving Virginia's best independent schools

VAIS connects its diverse membership by:
  • Promoting the well-being of and public regard for independent schools in the Commonwealth of Virginia;
  • Safeguarding  the interests of its member schools in matters of legislation and regulation;
  • Serving as the leader in evaluating and accrediting independent schools in Virginia;
  • Fostering mutually beneficial relations with the Virginia State Department of Education, the Virginia Council for Private Education, and other educational agencies;
  • Assisting member schools in maintaining standards of excellence;
  • Providing professional development opportunities including pedagogical innovation, financial sustainability, and governance; and
  • Promoting community service and leadership.
Founding Date and City:
April 30, 1973, Charlottesville, Virginia

Number of Schools:
92  Accredited Schools
  4  Candidates for Accreditation

Types of Schools:
76   Day Schools
  4   Boarding Only
16   Day/Boarding
12   Boarding/Day
  6   Military
80   Co-ed
  9   Boys Only
  7   Girls Only

VAIS Schools by Grade Levels:

  4   Grades PK/K to 4/5
29   Grades PK/K to 8
  4   Grades 5/6 to 8
29   Grades 6/9 to 12/PG
30   Grades PK/K to 12/PG

More than 8,000 faculty and staff members work in VAIS schools.
More than 30,000 students attend VAIS schools.
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