Self-Study Models

Offering three models

Accreditation is a voluntary process undertaken by schools committed to continuous improvement and compliance with the VAIS Standards for Membership. At the time of accreditation and reaccreditation, a school undertakes a self-study process designed to help the school and VAIS assess the degree to which the school meets its own mission, philosophy, and objectives, as well as the VAIS Standards for Membership. The following Self Study Models have been approved for use beginning July 1, 2016.

The Comprehensive Model is required at the time of Initial Accreditation Evaluation. A school undergoing a Ten Year Evaluation may choose this model, as well.
The school’s self-study is accomplished through small focus groups representing all school constituencies, which gather to discuss and answer the guiding questions surrounding the VAIS Standards for Membership. The school’s narrative report addresses six major sections: 1. Mission and Philosophy, 2. Community of School, 3. Instruction and Program, 4. Professional Personnel, 5. Governance, and 6. Financial Resources and Service Management. The report also includes detailed break-outs for individual curricular and divisional areas within the Instruction and Program section. Schools are encouraged to weave information into the narrative that explains how Standards are met. Survey results also are included as applicable. Strengths, Opportunities for Improvement, and Recommendations are identified for each section.
Strategic Self-Study
The Strategic Model may be employed at the time of a Ten Year Evaluation, in lieu of the Comprehensive Model.
This self-study report derives from or informs a school’s strategic planning process. Whether it is a check-in at the midpoint of a five year strategic plan, a check-back at the end of a strategic plan, or an assessment of the strategic plan as it begins, this self-study model has proven highly effective for both VAIS and its member schools. In combination with the documentation provided by the school, the on-site evaluation visit includes opportunities for in-depth conversations and observations to evaluate the degree to which the school meets the VAIS Standards for Membership. 
The Interim Report is required of all schools at the time of the Five Year Review.
The interim self-study serves as a progress report on the strides made regarding Strong Recommendations, Opportunities for Improvement, and/or Essential Questions noted by the previous Visiting Team at the time of the Initial or Ten Year Visit. The report also offers a forward-looking vision for the next five years.






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