Why Teach in an Independent School?

‚ÄčThe VAIS community of schools offers administrators, teachers, and staff opportunities to work in a wide variety of educational settings.

Finding a position at an independent school necessitates an understanding of what an independent school is and how it is organized. Each independent school is an entity; it is not part of a "district or a system" and its only governing authority is its board of trustees. It is free to establish its own philosophy and mission, to define its own community and set its admissions standards which complement its mission, to design its own curriculum and administrative structure which match the mission of the school, and to hire the faculty it feels will be best suited to the educational goals, mission, and culture of the school.

Our membership educates students from pre-kindergarten through post high school and includes many different types of schools that specialize in learning disabilities, single-sex schools, and boarding schools, among many others.

VAIS schools invite inquiries from teachers of any background or heritage. VAIS and its member schools comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding discrimination in admissions and employment.  
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