Accreditation Surveys

Surveys are required at the time of Initial and Ten Year Visits.

VAIS surveys are aligned with VAIS Standards for Membership and are available only to member schools. Surveys can be augmented with school or program specific questions to use in conjunction with either the comprehensive model or strategic model of self-study available at the Ten Year Evaluation. While surveys are required at the Initial and Ten Year Accreditation Evaluations, they can be administered at any time by schools desiring to collect data for decision-making purposes and identification of trends. 

Surveys are available for the following constituents:

  • Administrators
  • Faculty
  • Parent
  • Student
  • Trustee/Board
  • Alumna/Alumnus  (administration of this survey can help to provide feedback on graduate success.)             
  • Past Parents 

VAIS accreditation surveys are not required at the time of an Interim Review, but schools are required to demonstrate intentional solicitation of input from constituents. It may be helpful to use the surveys as a means of gathering data relevant to all Standards and for the identification and analysis of trend lines.

VAIS suggests that schools conduct surveys 12-24 months prior to the Onsite Visit. For survey samples, please email Laura Godwin

Surveys Include:

  • Access to surveys for set period of time to be determined by the school
  • A data-reporting format that can be downloaded by the school for its own uses
  • Archival of data for comparative use in the future

Please find the Survey Set Up Manual Here. Order Surveys Here.

NOTE: VAIS requires two weeks to set up surveys prior to the survey start date.