Partner with VAIS

Quid Pro Quo..?
       We think of this as
              Quid Pro Core Values

Your partnership supports the core values of VAIS:

1. Independence Independent schools are defined by their academic, financial, and administrative autonomy. VAIS schools establish their own unique missions, welcome mission-appropriate students, and demonstrate respect for diverse and inclusive communities.

2. Excellence Independent schools are uniquely positioned to advance excellence in an ever-changing educational landscape. VAIS schools design their own curriculum, define their own faculty expectations, determine benchmarks for student success, and engage in ongoing internal review.

3. Community Independent schools foster communities of learning strengthened by local, national, and global perspectives. VAIS schools benefit from the diversity of the Association’s membership to build and nurture supportive and strategic relationships, advancing dynamic educational opportunities for their students.

Join us as we advance and advocate for independent schools!